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Relution is one of the most relevant IT applications in the digital education space. For over 10 years, Relution has been the mobile device management solution for privacy-compliant and cross-platform device management. Via remote management, digital devices can be easily and intuitively controlled and managed. In this way, devices can be optimally prepared for use and deployed specifically for the intended purpose. In addition to the necessary professional and technical requirements, the German software also fulfills all legal aspects to ensure device management with data processing that complies with data protection regulations.

Optimal equipment of devices as a success factor for digital teaching

The targeted restriction of functions ensures that devices can be used exclusively for school purposes during school hours. In addition, only relevant educational apps and content are provided. In this way, the devices are optimally prepared for use in the classroom, both functionally and in terms of content, and can be used specifically for the intended purpose. Relution ensures that students are not unnecessarily distracted during lessons and can concentrate on the essentials.

Platform independent

Relution is optimally tailored to the education sector and enables school boards and educational institutions to centrally and uniformly manage different device types such as smartphones, tablets, laptops, computers and interactive whiteboards. The platform-independent offering supports the comprehensive use of the common operating systems from Apple (iOS, iPadOS, macOS, tvOS), Android (Enterprise, Classic) and Windows 10/11 and enables mixed operation of deployed devices.

Data sovereignty guaranteed

Relution enables data protection-compliant operation, either in the school's own infrastructure (on premises) or in a German encrypted cloud. In addition, the multi-client capability makes it possible to use the system at the school or data center while retaining full data sovereignty.

New standards for safety

As a DSGVO-compliant solution, Relution ensures compliance with the strict German data protection guidelines. A plus point for the protection of sensitive data of students is the use of the devices without the necessary use of personal cloud IDs.

In addition, Relution enables a clear division of roles between students, teachers and IT. Data generated on the devices and in the apps used, such as location data or photos, cannot be read by Relution.

For school-owned devices that are fully managed, only the device details and which apps are installed on the device can be viewed in the Relution portal. Apple User Enrollment and Android Enterprise Enrollment with Work Profile additionally avoid that the list of apps installed via personal App Store ID can be read out via Relution. Learn more

Open for integration

Relution supports common school server solutions. By connecting existing systems, local file shares (SMB, WebDAV) can be integrated for accessing relevant learning content of the school and data and work results can be stored securely on the central school server. Learn more

Maximum flexibility in the use of equipment

Whether 1:1 equipment, class-wide tablet cases or lending devices for homeschooling - with Relution, all common usage scenarios can be implemented quickly and easily. In addition to the management of school-owned devices, the use of parent-funded or private student devices (BYOD) can also be enabled. Furthermore, digital boards can be integrated for interactive lessons in front of the whole class.

Multi-user with Relution Shared Device

With Relution's multi-user mode, iPads can be used safely and securely by multiple students. Students get their own choice of apps, and device-specific configurations apply to all users. In contrast to Apple's "Shared iPad Mode", Relution offers the unique advantage of not requiring managed Apple IDs and thus being privacy compliant. Learn more

Provide rental equipment in a controlled manner

To enable all students to participate in digital lessons, the school's own devices are handed out permanently or on loan for a limited period of time. With the integrated lending system Relution supports the manual loan process. School authorities and schools can keep track of loan deadlines and equipment status at all times. This guarantees a smooth and secure loan process.

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