Digital education

Learning in the 21st century


Seizing the opportunities of digitization

Children and young people move in a digital world in their free time. They are enthusiastic about digital devices such as tablets and are familiar with the use of apps and interactive content. In contrast, the schools they attend are often far from exploiting the benefits of digitization in the classroom. Particularly as a place of education and a signpost for future careers, teaching at schools should always be up-to-date and attractive. This requires not only the right teaching methods, but also the sensible use of digital technologies and media.

Thanks to the German government's initiative, tablets and laptops are increasingly finding their way into schools and training centers. This development creates completely new opportunities for teachers and students for interactive learning and opens up new perspectives in the use of digital devices and content.

At the same time, those responsible in school authorities and schools have a duty to ensure that the devices are used by students in a manner that complies with data protection and the protection of minors. Careful and thoughtful handling, especially of the data on the devices, is indispensable.

Successful digital teaching stands and falls with a stable infrastructure, equipping teachers and students with the right devices, and the orderly operation of the technical resources used in the classroom. The goal is to create a modern learning environment that enables disruption-free and targeted instruction with tablets, while at the same time promoting students' media literacy and meeting the requirements of school boards, schools, administrators, teachers, and parents with regard to data protection. Learn how Relution for Education can contribute to a disruption-free and interactive classroom.


Maximum flexibility

The solution for teacher and student devices

Optimized for personal 1:1 equipment (whether parent-funded or school board-provided), tablet cases (1:n) for whole class sets or lending devices in homeschooling.


Relution for Education

One MDM for all schools and platforms


User oriented

Configure and equip digital devices for specific target groups, taking into account the requirements of students, teachers and IT administrators.

Prepare devices centrally and control them in lessons

MULTIPLE SCHOOL FUNCTIONS Teacher app / app requests / lending system / Apple Classroom / Samsung Classroom Management

MULTI PLATFORM iOS / iPadOS / macOS / tvOS / Android / Android Enterprise / Samsung Knox / interactive whiteboards / Windows 10/11

DATA SOVEREIGNTY Multi-tenant operation / in own infrastructure / in municipal data center / in German cloud

GDPR COMPLIANCE Elimination of cloud IDs by connecting local user directory services (AD, LDAP, SAML, OIDC)

ONE SOLUTION FOR ADMINISTRATION AND SCHOOL Knowhow transfer possible / reduction of internal costs for system maintenance and training needs

OPTIMIZED INTEGRATION Connection of file directory services (SMB, WebDAV) / synchronization with Apple School Manager

PROVES WORKPLACE Tax money remains in Germany

CONVINCING PRICE MODEL More affordable than US manufacturers


Relution in use

An optimal system for all parties involved

Careful and thoughtful handling of both the devices themselves and the applications, and especially the data on the devices, is indispensable. Clear roles must be defined for students, teachers and IT administrators so that the handling of devices and content is secure, efficient and goal oriented.


Digital lessons

Students get a contemporary, motivating and efficient access to more knowledge through interactive learning on the tablet.

Relution Shared Device

GDPR compliant class sets


Shared Device Mode

With the only privacy compliant Shared Tablet Mode with user login and individual apps, iPads can be used securely across users at schools. The combination of Relution's Shared Device Mode with Apple's Shared iPad Guest Mode offers the unique opportunity to combine individuality and data protection in a meaningful and sustainable way.


User specific

The user login via the Relution Shared Device Mode makes it possible to do without Managed Apple IDs and at the same time to provide individual apps and content, for example for a special class level, on the devices. Personal WebDAV and SMB shares allow students to access their data and securely store work results.


Data cleansing

After exiting anonymous guest mode on Apple Shared iPad, all temporary user data is automatically deleted, ensuring privacy compliant use of iPads in multi user mode.


User specific equipment with simultaneous security

SIGN UP WITH RELUTION USERS No managed Apple ID required

TARGETED FEATURES Individual app selection for student and device specific configurations

DATA SECURITY No communication with cloud solutions outside the EU*

SCHOOL/PRIVATE CONTEXT De-/activation for student-owned tablets possible

INTEGRATION OF FILE SHARES Local data storage on school servers

RELUTION CAMERA Storage of images and videos on configured file shares

*When using appropriate solutions such as school server solution or learning platform that are operated locally in the school or in a municipal data center.

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