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About the Relution GmbH

Relution GmbH is a software company. Its main product is the standard software of the same name in the field of Mobile Device Management (MDM) and Unified Endpoint Management (UEM).

More than 10 years ago, Relution emerged from enterprise projects in the then still young app environment. From the resulting challenges and deployment to mobile devices, the application evolved into one of the market-leading standard software in digital device management.

Key areas of focus are education, public administration, healthcare and enterprise.

Relution is a German company with headquarters, development, support and know how in Stuttgart.

Relution is 100% self-funded, value-driven, digital thinking and human acting.

In 2021, Relution GmbH was founded to meet the demands of the market.

Relution is not an anonymous company, but behind the application are software engineers, technical enthusiasts, code nerds but also market savvy and problem solvers.

Relution GmbH is part of the MWAY GROUP GmbH with headquarters in Stuttgart. The MWAY GROUP employs over 85 people.

RelutionOur team


Volker Hahn

Founder and Managing Director


Jonas Kaufmann

Managing Director


Stefan Jauker

Managing Director


Florian Link

Head of Development


Hanno Polomsky



Moritz Mahlmann

Head of Sales


Dominique Johnson

Sales Manager


Jens Lehle

Junior Sales Manager


We are looking for talentsCareer

We cultivate community spirit, not individual struggle. We are looking for new colleagues who want to shape the digital future together with us. In small, agile teams with flat hierarchies and short decision-making paths.



The MWAY GROUP brand family

MWAY GROUP GmbH, headquartered in Stuttgart, Germany, has been developing software and IT solutions since 2005. With over 85 employees, the company develops digital applications with the focus on making everyday life, learning and work easier. As an innovative pacesetter and think tank, the MWAY GROUP realizes the digitalization of companies and the development of its own software products. It accompanies the processes for a digital transformation as a reliable partner.

The MWAY GROUP brand family includes:

MWAY Group GmbH

MWAY GROUP GmbH is the holding company of M-Way Solutions GmbH, Relution GmbH, BlueRange GmbH and Blockscape Finance AG. M-Way Solutions GmbH is responsible for the conception and realization of technical and digital innovations in the field of mobile apps, online portals and supports customers in their digitalization. Historically, M-Way Solutions GmbH is the nucleus of the company.


Relution is the standard software of the eponymous Relution GmbH. The mobile device management application is one of the most relevant solutions in the field of digital education. For over 10 years, Relution has been the solution for privacy compliant and cross platform device management. Smartphones, tablets, computers and interactive whiteboards can be managed centrally via this software. Relution is used in schools, administrations, healthcare and companies.


BlueRange is a wireless building automation system based on its own developed mesh protocol. In addition to its own transmission technology, BlueRange GmbH also offers the necessary hardware in the form of sensors, actuators and gateways to implement wireless and radio-based building control. The focus is on all digital applications in the smart office area and asset tracking.


Blockscape Finance AG is the operator of numerous validators in different blockchains, which are structured according to the so-called proof-of-stake principle. Validators are nodes that stabilize and maintain the respective chain. Here, blockscape is one of the pioneers of crypto ecosystems.

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