Digital NGO

Modern Non-Government


Missions digitally supported

Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) operate worldwide and work tirelessly around the globe to make the world a better place. Whether on rough seas, in foreign countries, in various association activities or interest groups: in their efforts for more justice, equality and animal and environmental protection, the use of digital end devices is nowadays indispensable for Non-Governmental Organizations.

Interaction and networking with many different, heterogeneous interest groups maximizes the assertion of demands. At the same time, NGOs are increasingly exposed to data and cyber-attacks. A secure IT infrastructure and the use of optimally equipped and secured digital end devices in the NGO sector are therefore indispensable to sustainably protect sensitive data.

Targeted information exchange

At any time, at any place, with any number of actors

The networking of employees, whether permanent or voluntary, via optimally equipped end devices guarantees smooth and trouble-free interaction. Regardless of location, projects can be efficiently driven forward with success-critical information and the appropriate digital tools.


Relution for NGO

Success factor data protection

Maximum protection

Perform global use cases safely

The optional operation of Relution in your own infrastructure (On Premises) or in a German encrypted cloud sustainably ensures data sovereignty. Regardless of whether personal or shared devices are used, access to central, sensitive data is always controlled and protected via Relution, worldwide.

GDPR compliant device management to prevent data theft

MULTI PLATFORM iOS / iPadOS / macOS / Android / Android Enterprise / Samsung Knox / Windows 10/11

COMFORTABLE ENROLLMENT QR code / automatic enrollment (DEP, KME, Zero-Touch, Autopilot) / bulk enrollment

DATA SOVEREIGNTY Multi-tenant operation / in own infrastructure / in municipal data center / in a German cloud

GDPR COMPLIANCE Elimination of cloud IDs by connecting local user directory services (AD, LDAP, SAML, OIDC)

DATA SEPARATION Separation of business and private data / BYOD / Apple user enrollment and Android Enterprise work profile / COPE

SECURITY Access control / WIFI and VPN access / kiosk mode / theft protection

OPTIMIZED INTEGRATION Connection of file directory services (SMB, WebDAV) / synchronization with Apple Business Manager


Secure collaboration

The optimal solution for high protection needs

By connecting to external file servers, Relution enables centralized backup of sensitive data. Thus, information can be stored and shared quickly, easily and securely in real time. Outsiders and unauthorized persons have no access or access to the data areas.

Central management

Configuration and equipping of devices with relevant functions, access, apps and content, including location and blocking in the event of theft or loss.

Relution in use

  • Protecting sensitive data


    Authorized access

    During operations and missions, highly sensitive, personal, and sometimes biometric data is collected and stored. Information on identity, family relationships, health, education, religious or political beliefs, geological issues, and data from the natural and environmental spheres must be particularly protected from unauthorized access. If they fall into the wrong hands, those in need of protection and assistance, as well as the mission itself, can be put at risk. The protection of sensitive data with Relution is ensured by pre-configured devices, provided secure access, targeted access control and storage on connected, local file servers.

  • Uniform standards


    Central management

    With Relution, devices can be quickly and conveniently brought to a common compliance standard. A large number of settings and configurations enable the targeted optimization of devices for precise use in special application scenarios. The central system eliminates the need for manual configuration by the user. In addition, Relution supports the Apple Volume Purchase Program (VPP), which allows app licenses to be procured and distributed centrally. Eliminates the need for personal cloud IDs on devices. The Relution App Store makes it easy to provide your own customized apps.

  • Cross use


    Shared device mode

    Whether humanitarian aid, actions to protect the environment and climate, or animal rescue measures – regardless of the type of mission and location, technical aids and digital terminals are used by NGOs. The number is often limited, and several people use one device. The Relution Shared Device Mode enables the cross-user use of digital end devices without having to forego data protection. User logon allows devices to be equipped with an individual app selection. When the user logs off, all temporarily generated data is automatically removed from the devices.

Test for free


With Relution, you get a pilot that guides you unerringly through the digital obstacles and provides orientation. Test five free device licenses now as digital "lighthouses" in your elective infrastructure.