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Connected Healthcare

Our world is becoming increasingly complex and networked. Digitalization does not stop at any area of life: smartphones and tablets have long since entered the healthcare market. Where progress and science meet personal contact and individual care, the use of digital devices opens up completely new perspectives and opportunities – both for the entire staff and for the patients.

At the same time, the increasing networking of people and digital devices in healthcare is generating more and more sensitive, strictly confidential (patient) data. IT departments in medical facilities are therefore increasingly confronted with an increased security risk.

In order to ensure data protection for patients, professional, secure device management with reliable data separation when using business and private devices (BYOD) is indispensable for the healthcare sector.

Protect sensitive data

The secure solution for medical facilities

Relution enables not only the inventory, configuration, and equipment of digital end devices, but also the complete management of stationary devices at the workplace – cross platform for Apple, Android and Windows. Safeguarding of sensitive patient data and compliance with strict data protection guidelines are ensured.

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Relution for Healthcare

The human being in focus

Flexible use of devices

Staff and patients benefit equally

Daily visits, documentation of wound healing, updating of patient files: Doctors and nurses use digital devices in their daily work. Patients also use devices to communicate with the outside world during their stay or to view the progress of their personal recovery.

Protection of sensitive data through full control over the devices

COMFORTABLE ENROLLMENT QR code / automatic enrollment (DEP, KME, Zero-Touch, Autopilot) / bulk enrollment

MULTI PLATFORM iOS / iPadOS / macOS / Android / Android Enterprise / Samsung Knox / Windows 10/11

DATA SEPARATION Separation of business and private data / BYOD / Apple User Enrollment and Android Enterprise work profile / COPE

DATA SOVEREIGNTY Multi-tenant operation / in own infrastructure / in municipal data center / in a German cloud

GDPR COMPLIANCE Elimination of cloud IDs by connecting local user directory services (AD, LDAP, SAML, OIDC)

OPTIMIZED INTEGRATION Connection of file directory services (SMB, WebDAV) / synchronization with Apple Business Manager

SECURITY Access control / WiFi and VPN access / kiosk mode / theft protection


Optimal equipment

Usefully exploit all potentials

As a central platform, Relution can be used to control all digital devices in a uniform and clear manner. Devices are equipped with relevant apps, functions and access for specific user groups and scenarios.

Digital support

Providing apps for caregivers and patients such as appointment calendars, treatment and therapy plans, meal orders and menus, discharge instructions, and more.

Relution in use

  • Digital patient record


    The right data at the right hand

    The right digital tools and the right data available in seconds - saving lives in the event of a decision. Connected file shares enable the central backup of individual patient data on local file servers. Direct access sustainably relieves the workload of healthcare staff and optimizes the quality of care. The staff can devote themselves to their actual tasks: providing the best possible care for the recovery of the patients.

  • Shared device mode


    Use devices independently and flexibly

    The Relution Shared Device mode enables the cross user and privacy compliant use of devices. User logins without cloud IDs can be used to provide specific individual apps for staff or patients on the devices. After device use, the consistent cleaning of temporary data is automatically ensured. The Relution lending system also enables the temporary lending of devices.

  • Bring your own device


    Allow and integrate private devices

    Equipment in medical facilities with digital devices is often finite and budget is limited. To enable every individual to participate in advanced processes, Relution supports the use of private devices by staff and patients. Enrolled devices can be equipped with apps and access without relinquishing control and neglecting privacy. Special functions ensure reliable separation between official and private data, regardless of the operating system.

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