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Whether one or 10,000+ devices – with Relution, all device quantities can be mapped in your desired infrastructure.

Start now free of charge and unlimited in time with up to five devices in the cloud or in your own infrastructure. If required, you can switch to a paid package at any time and scale effortlessly.

  • Free

    Test for free

    • Shared Cloud or On Premises
    • Up to five devices for an unlimited time
    • Unlimited in time
  • Cloud

    Request prices

    • Software as a Service (SaaS)
    • Shared Server
    • Dedicated server with multi-tenancy and user directory integration
  • On Premises

    Request prices

    • In your infrastructure
    • Linux and Windows
    • Docker

Because the needs and capabilities of different organizations must meet different requirements, we offer special conditions for the education sector and public institutions and NGOs.

Scale prices for large installations are also available on request. For users of other MDM solutions, we offer a discounted transition period for the duration of the legacy contract.

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