Digital administration

Optimized processes


Making clever use of digital potential

Modern citizens' offices, reliable security bodies, innovative libraries: digitization is now widespread in public administration. Whether in offices and agencies or in field operations; digital end devices such as smartphones and tablets are also being used more and more frequently in the public sector.

Work processes are simplified, communication channels facilitated, and decisions improved on the basis of available information. In addition to all the benefits, the mobilization of processes and data must take into account a large number of requirements regarding the handling of digital end devices. At the same time, strict data protection guidelines must be adhered to at all times.

To further drive the transformation of public administrations toward digital organizations, a central control system is needed. The goal is to optimize the use of technology such as software, apps, and devices, to make it more secure, and to deploy it across departments.

Multi functional

Supports platforms and protects data

Relution is the privacy-compliant device management solution for controlling and monitoring all Apple, Android and Windows mobile and stationary devices.

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Relution for Public

Creating synergies easily

Central system

Cross use made easy

Relution is the central building block for the uniform, secure and cross-departmental use of digital end devices. In this way, public administrations benefit from know-how transfer as well as cost efficiency in system maintenance and training requirements.

Safe and reliable use of devices

COMFORTABLE ENROLLMENT QR code / automatic enrollment (DEP, KME, Zero-Touch, Autopilot) / bulk enrollment

MULTI PLATFORM iOS / iPadOS / macOS / Android / Android Enterprise / Samsung Knox / interactive whiteboards / Windows 10/11

DATA SEPARATION Separation of business and private data / BYOD / Apple user enrollment and Android Enterprise work profile / COPE

RELUTION SHARED DEVICE Multiuser mode with local users (no US vendor IDs)

KIOSK AND SINGLE APP MODE Access restriction and concrete app selection

DATA SOVEREIGNTY Multi-tenant operation / in own infrastructure / in municipal data center / in a German cloud

GDPR COMPLIANT USE Elimination of cloud IDs by connecting local user directory services (AD, LDAP, SAML, OIDC)

OPTIMIZED INTEGRATION Connection of file directory services (SMB, WebDAV) / synchronization with Apple Business Manager


Provide benefit

Added value for employees and citizens

By specifically equipping digital devices with the right functions and tools as well as relevant apps and content, they can be optimally used for specific use cases and make work significantly easier.

Functional variety

Special access, individual app selection, central document storage, multiuser mode, kiosk mode, device restrictions, theft protection, and more

Relution in use

  • Citizen service


    Digital town hall

    Forward-looking offices design customer-friendly workflows by streamlining processes, preventing unnecessary waiting times, and closing information gaps. Digital devices support daily work and reduce dependence on office hours. For the duration of their stay in the office, citizens receive pool devices with which they can directly access, process, and submit digital documents. This controls the flood of data on site and increases flexibility. The Relution Shared Device mode automatically takes care of deleting temporary user data. Locating and locking devices in case of theft protects against loss and data misuse.

  • Security bodies


    Reliable organizations with security tasks

    Accurate and complete information bases enable the fast and efficient execution of security tasks. Digital terminals in the vehicles of blue light organizations enable access to all important data and documents regardless of time and location. In this way, accident incidents or facts can be quickly recorded, securely transmitted, and digitally processed for further smooth administration. Devices are equipped with relevant functions, apps, and access rights on a vehicle specific basis. Relution's kiosk and single app mode provides an application-oriented user interface on devices. Generated, sensitive data can basically not be read out by Relution.

  • Public facilities


    Innovative libraries

    Libraries, which are actually strongholds of printed books, are increasingly developing into interactive education centers by offering e-books, e-papers, films and other digital services. Visitors no longer just read books but consume and experience electronic media on digital devices. The Relution lending system allows configured and equipped devices to be issued as temporary loans on site and provide access to approved offerings. Device restrictions are used to block unauthorized features. After the devices are returned, temporary data and browser histories are deleted in compliance with data protection regulations.

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