The Digital Classroom with Relution for Education

Digitalisation in education is making great strides forward. Mobile devices, apps and online content will soon become an indispensable part of education. Relution for Education supports you in the introduction and administration of tablets as well as their apps and accesses for a digital classroom. See for yourself:

Manage tablets and apps comprehensively

Relution for Education is a tablet management platform especially for schools and teaching companies, which offers an intuitive interface as well as a simple operation for the administration, protection and configuration of tablet inventory in school operations. It enables a clear distribution of roles between students, teachers and IT while complying with the highest data security standards, such as the European Data Protection Directive. The school MDM solution is developed and operated in Germany - optionally as a cloud solution, for installation in the school or at the school authority. Learn more

The mobile infrastructure under control

Relution for Eduction helps educational institutions and authorities to provide an efficient IT infrastructure for mobile devices. This enables students and teachers to access modern learning apps and multimedia content at any time. Administrators can also configure policies that are monitored in real time - for example, restrict the use of certain apps.

In the event of an error, such as the accidental deletion of an app or a forgotten password, you can quickly and easily intervene from a central location and correct the error. As a result, investments in modern educational measures are better used, administrative costs are reduced and efficiency increases. Together with its partners, Relution offers a mature, multi-tenant capable solution with which mobile devices for individual classes, schools or even entire school districts can be easily managed.

Relution education device types

Control over the tablets during the lesson

Depending on the operating system of the tablet (Apple iOS, Google Android, Windows 10), different features are available. Apple devices have a classroom app that allows the teacher to access specific content on the tablets and, if necessary, to restrict and monitor the student's tablets accordingly. This means that tablets can not only be correctly configured at school, but also controlled during use.

Comprehensive scope of services and functions

  • Get device details, installed apps, location, and more
  • Distribution of policies and restrictions
  • Monitoring of the compliance status
  • Restriction of app use in lessons
  • Multi-user mode
  • Central installation and uninstallation of apps
  • Simple configuration of secure accesses to e-mail, VPN, WiFi and more
  • Buy and associate app licenses centrally
  • Available as software as a service or on-premise installation

Relution Shared Device Mode

The latest feature is the so-called Relution Shared Device Mode. With this new mode, iPads can be used safely and without hesitation by several students. Each student gets their own app selection, whereby device-specific configurations apply to all users. In contrast to Apple's "Shared iPad Mode", Relution offers the unique advantage that it does not require Managed Apple IDs and is therefore data protection compliant. A further advantage is that the Relution Shared Device mode can be switched on and off by policy, so that e.g. student-owned tablets can be functionally severely restricted during lessons or for exams, while they offer the full range of functions outside of school. Learn more

Teacher Console

In addition to Apple Classroom, Relution offers teachers the ability to prepare lessons and interact with students' iPads in class. The teacher can prepare lesson profiles with available apps, links and functions in the Relution teacher console in his app on the iPad. At the beginning of the lesson, for the duration of the lesson, all settings are immediately applied to the student devices and the lesson can begin. Learn more

Connect WebDAV & SMB file shares

Relution offers a Files functionality containing SMB and WebDAV connections to provide any file shares as a native file location in iOS. This feature is automatically configured on the devices via Relution policy or can be manually configured in the Relution app so that the student can’t go wrong. The file shares are available in every iOS app that supports this storage concept. Learn more

Setup Relution in 4 simple steps

Enrolling tablets automatically

The enrollment process inventories the tablet and places it under the control of the MDM system. In the case of Relution, this works either fully automatically for Apple devices via Device Enrollment Program (DEP), for Samsung devices via Knox Mobile Enrollment (KME). The devices are recorded by the manufacturer in their own web portal and can be imported in Relution via an interface. This portal is linked to the Relution server. All the data required for registration is already stored, so that the device automatically registers with the Relution server the first time it is switched on. This enrollment can be protected in such a way that it cannot be removed by the user. This allows a smooth addition of new tablets without administrator intervention.

Enrolling tablets manually

With a few clicks an enrollment in the Relution Admin Portal can be created; the generated link can be sent to the device by e-mail or SMS or directly accessed by QR-code. This completes the enrollment on the device. During enrollment, the Relution app is automatically installed on the device and assigned the required rights. The device is then under the control of the administrator, who has comprehensive options for managing the devices in the Relution portal.
Policies consist of configuration profiles for the various functions of the tablet, such as WiFi access, email accounts, allowed and prohibited apps, security measures (such as password policies), and much more. You can create any number of policies and then assign them to one or more devices. A distinction must be made between Android and iOS devices, since the policies are platform-dependent due to the different functions of the operating systems.
Sets of rules consist of a list of freely definable if-then rules that determine the behavior of the system for certain events. In case of a compliance violation (e.g. by deleting an app) the user or the administrator can be notified automatically after a certain time. Even actions on the device can be performed by rule, such as locking the device or completely resetting it.

Any device under MDM control can receive and perform actions from the Relution server. Depending on the operating system, the options range from installing and deleting apps to locating the device to completely locking it in case of loss or resetting it to factory settings. This allows the administrator to control the devices managed by her at any time with a mouse click.

The operation of Relution

Once all tablets are enrolled and configured by policy, Relution automatically monitors the devices and - if desired - reports detected problems to the administrator. The administrator's only task is to intervene in the event of errors or changes in requirements. This means that the administration effort in daily operations is low and school operations are not impaired.

Inventory View

Using the inventory view in the Relution Portal, the administrator can get a quick overview of the devices managed by him, visualizing the status of each device with a simple traffic light logic: Green means "everything is ok", red indicates a problem. In addition, a detailed view is available for each device, which provides further information up to the operating system version, the battery charge status and the memory consumption. Learn more

Your own App - Store

Part of the Relution system is also its own app store, which works in principle just like the well-known public stores of Google and Apple. Own apps can be uploaded here and made available to the users. The Relution app serves as an App Store client. A user-based authorization system can be used to control who gets which apps. Learn more

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