School in the digital transformation

Children and young people move in a digital world in their free time. They are enthusiastic about digital devices such as tablets and are familiar with the use of apps and interactive content. In contrast, the schools they attend are often far from using the advantages of digitization in their teaching. As a place of education and a signpost for future careers, teaching in schools should always be up-to-date and attractive. This requires not only the right teaching methods, but also the sensible use of digital technologies and media.

Opportunities of digitalization

Thanks to the German government's initiative, tablets and laptops are increasingly finding their way into schools and training centers. This development creates completely new opportunities for teachers and students for interactive learning and opens up new perspectives in the use of digital devices and content.

At the same time, those responsible in school authorities and schools have a duty to ensure that the devices are used by students in a manner that complies with data protection and the protection of minors. Careful and thoughtful handling, especially of the data on the devices, is indispensable.

Successful digital teaching stands and falls with a stable infrastructure, equipping teachers and students with the right devices, and the orderly operation of the technical resources used in the classroom. The goal is to create a modern learning environment that enables disruption-free and targeted instruction with tablets, while at the same time promoting students' media skills and meeting the requirements of school authorities and schools, administrators, teachers, as well as parents with regard to data protection. Learn how Relution for Education, can contribute to a disruption-free and interactive classroom.

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