Use new didactic possibilities with little effort

With Relution, devices can be used directly in the classroom without the need for time-consuming configuration and setup. This is taken care of in advance by the IT admin. This means that teachers do not lose valuable teaching time. In addition to pedagogically relevant apps, teachers can also use predefined web links or iBooks provided via Relution to expand the content of a digital lesson. The attention of the students is ensured by device restrictions. The teacher can control student devices during the lesson, actively involve the students and design the lesson interactively.

Staying in control during the lesson

With the Relution Teacher App on the teacher's tablet or Windows laptop, lesson profiles can be predefined and applied to individual classes. To ensure concentrated work without distractions, students only receive the relevant apps, content and functions that are necessary for the respective lesson. All other content and functions are hidden or deactivated.

On-demand teaching mode on student devices

Whether teaching in a classroom or homeschooling, the Relution Teacher app allows for time and location independent control of the devices, providing the flexibility to manually start and stop lessons for all participating students. With this viable solution, student devices only ever switch to instructional mode when instruction is actually taking place. Outside of lessons, the students can use all the functions of the devices that have been enabled in principle.

Promote interactivity and collaboration

About the additional use of Apple Classroom and Samsung Classroom Management, lessons can be designed creatively and a and collaborative teaching and learning culture can be promoted. Student devices can be easily controlled and communication with the whole class can be practically carried out. For example, a specific app can be launched on any device in the class, documents can be shared between teacher and students, screen content can be transferred from student devices to interactive whiteboards, and student devices can be temporarily muted or locked to get the attention of the class. Integrating Apple Classroom and Samsung Classroom Management is quick and easy. Both solutions are pre-configured via Relution and class information from Relution is then available. There is no need for time-consuming manual configuration during class.

Benefits for teachers

  • Easy lesson preparation and delivery via the Relution Teacher App.
  • Focused work by hiding and disabling all non-essential apps, content, and features in teaching mode.
  • Controlling the student devices via Relution's preconfigured Apple Classroom App or Samsung Classroom Management
  • Incorporate digital whiteboards for more interactivity in front of the class
  • Multi-user mode with dynamic installation of user-specific apps at login and data cleansing at logout
  • Use of connected file servers for secure storage of work results on local directories
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