Relution 5 is here!

We are pleased to present the new generation of Relution. With Relution 5, the system for cross-platform device management is extended by many functions. Besides numerous optimizations for iOS, macOS, tvOS and Android Enterprise, the management of Windows 10 devices is additionally enabled. Relution does not require any cloud IDs and can be operated in your own infrastructure in compliance with data protection regulations.

Relution 5 can thus be ideally used with different devices in a variety of application scenarios. The open interfaces of the overall system also enable integration into existing IT system landscapes.

In addition to a revised user interface, Relution 5 offers many new functionalities and improvements. Among the innovations are:

  • Windows 10 device management and configuration
  • Apply multiple policies to one device
  • New user interface
  • Optimized usability
  • Per-App and Per-Account (domain) VPN for iOS
  • Unique email addresses
  • Enrollment code for multiple device enrollments
  • Android Enterprise extensions
  • iOS configurations for device name and time zone

Release Notes

The release notes clearly summarize and explain all new features and changes of Relution 5 Server and Portal. For the enrollment of Android devices with Relution 5, the current Relution Android Client 5 is mandatory.

Update Checklist

The update checklist provides an overview of the new system requirements and technical adjustments to safely perform the update of the Relution installation to version 5:


Learn more in our Insights on specific topics:

We wish you much success with Relution 5.

Foto: MWAY