Relution 5 update checklist

Relution 5 system requirements

With the major update version 5 of Relution the system requirements for the operation of the software are adapted. Please check the system requirements of your installation before updating the software.

Important: Please make a backup of the database and the Relution installation before updating.


Relution 5 requires at least a Java Runtime Version 11.

Supported versions are:

  • Java 11
  • Java 12
  • Java 13
  • Java 14
  • Java 15

We recommend AdoptOpenJDK 11 (LTS) for use with Relution.

Database Server

Older database server versions are no longer supported with Relution 5.

Supported databases are:

Reverse Proxy / REST API paths

With Relution 5 the URL paths have been unified. Please check if your reverse proxy configuration is up to date.

Nginx configuration for Relution 5:

Update path

To make Relution 5 start faster on new installation, we have removed old database schema migration scripts. Please make sure you have version 4.79.4 or newer installed before updating to Relution 5.

More information is available here.

Please install the latest Relution client apps for Android and iOS after updating.

Email Addresses

With Relution 5, email addresses for new user are unique and cannot be used by another user in the same or different organization.


  • Backup created

  • Database server checked

    • MySQL min. 8.0

    • MariaDB min. 10.3

    • MS SQL Server min. 2016

    • PostgreSQL min. 11.0

    • Cockroack min. 20.2

    • Oracle -> PostgreSQL migration

  • Java Runtime updated

    • At least version 11

  • Reverse Proxy configuration checked

  • Relution update path

    • Version 4.79.4 has been installed
    • Version 5 can be installed
  • Relution Apps update distributed

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