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Relution supports all leading platforms:

Apple iOS, iPadOS, tvOS, macOS, Android Classic (Device Administrator), Android Enterprise (Device Owner), Samsung KNOX and Windows 10/11

Relution mobile device management portal


Relution’s streamlined device management view lets you effortlessly create an inventory of your equipment. Send complete guidelines or individual actions to devices and device groups over the air with just a few clicks.

  • Apply policies
  • Wipe and lock devices
  • Install apps
  • Notifiy users
  • etc.

Relution enrollment


Easily enroll company devices

The intuitive device enrollment process in Relution’s MDM solution supports SMS, QR code or link notifications with automatic platform recognition. Even inexperienced users can easily enroll their devices. Moreover, there is a bulk enrollment mode for enrolling multiple devices at the same time as well as full support for Apple’s Device Enrollment Program (DEP) or Samsung Knox Mobile Enrollmen (KME).


Simplify mobile device setup by distributing standardized configurations over the air (OTA) such as wireless internet, email, VPN and more. With Relution’s MDM solution, you can secure mobiles devices by creating security policies, i.e.:

  • WiFi
  • Password policies
  • Restrictions
  • VPN
  • Certificates
  • and many more.

Relution monitoring


Each device’s compliance status as well as detailed information about all of the mobile devices is available to the administrator in the Relution Mobile Device Management portal. See which devices are non-compliant with your policies, such as app blocklists and allowlists, Exchange Accounts, VPN connections, etc.


As a central Mobility Gateway, Relution’s MDM platform provides comprehensive access control to the corporate IT infrastructure from all mobile devices. Ensure controlled access by applying WiFi, VPN, Exchange or other configurations. In case of loss or theft, you can block or wipe enabled devices.

Relution security
Relution app distribution

App Management

With just a few clicks all apps and app types can be distributed to groups or individuals:

  • Native enterprise apps (.apk, .ipa)
  • Apps from public app stores
  • Shortcuts and Weblinks (URLs)

Define block- and allowlists of apps that employees can or cannot use and keep malicious and unwanted apps away. You can also define required apps, which are automatically installed.

Shared Device Mode

With the new Relution Shared Device mode iPads can be securely used by several students. Each student gets his own app selection in addition to the device-specific configurations that are valid for all users on one device. After activating this mode, a login screen is shown that cannot be left without logging in. After logging in, users have only their assigned apps available. After logging out, these apps and the content stored in them are removed from the device, so that the next user has a clean working environment. Unlike Apple’s Shared iPad mode, this requires no Managed Apple IDs, making Relution the only MDM solution in the education space to comply with all governmental data security regulations. Another advantage lies in the way the Relution Shared Device Mode is implemented: it can be dynamically switched on and off at any time, so that student owned tablets can be functionally limited during classes or exams while offering full functions outside school.

Kiosk Mode

The Relution MDM Kiosk mode enables restricted user scenarios for Point of Sale or Industry 4.0. Run Android devices exclusively with one or more apps without giving the user access to settings or other apps. You can use every modern Android device.

Secure Mail Gateway

Secure mobile email access is still the most important application for enterprises. The Relution Secure Mail Gateway helps companies keep full control over access to the internal mail server. Establish rules under which an employee’s device may communicate with your mail server, no matter which mail infrastructure you use:

  • Microsoft® Exchange over ActiveSync
  • Microsoft® Office 365
  • Lotus Notes over ActiveSync
Relution secure mail gateway
Relution ldap ad

LDAP/AD Integration

Connect your existing LDAP-based user management system, such as Microsoft Active Directory, Azure AD, Novell eDirectory™ or OpenLDAP to Relution Mobile Device Management. This allows you to create user-defined, role-based groups that follow the existing corporate structure.

Support und FAQ

Relution’s MDM platform lets you customize FAQ, support and contact details. This way, answers are right at your users’ fingertips when they use Relution’s Android, iOS or Windows app. In addition, your helpdesk has more time to focus on in-depth support for more advanced inquiries.

Relution Support
Mobile Device Management Brochure

Enterprise Brochure

The complete mobility solution for businesses. Learn all about MDM and MAM with Relution in our enterprise brochure.

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Supported Platforms


iOS 11.4.1+, macOS 10.12+, tvOS 12.0+, Android 4.1+, Android Enterprise 5.1+, Samsung KNOX SDK 1.X - 3.3, Windows 10/11

Features vary depending on platform, OS version and device type.

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