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Relution enables your team to distribute your apps through your own App Store - an app catalog for partners, (external) employees and customers.

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Companies and agencies manage all major app processes in one place. Keep all stakeholders involved, from the development of apps, the approval process to the final distribution of the app. Throughout the entire process feedback channels and iterations are available which enhance the quality and speed of the development process. People are familiar with an app store from their personal experience with smartphones and tablet computers. Relution’s Enterprise App Store provides employees, customers and partners with a central hub for all app-related needs. The easy-to-use Relution app keeps users informed about new apps and updates. Relution’s intuitive user experience makes finding any app very easy.

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Permission Management

The Enterprise App Store lets you distribute different versions of apps to different users, groups or departments within your organization. A sales app, for instance, can be made available exclusively to sales staff. Or maybe you have an app covering aspects of project management that is simply not relevant for your web development team. Relution makes it easy to give app access targeted at different business units. By making apps and app versions available selectively it is easier for employees, customers and partners to find the app they need.

Meta Data

Comprehensive meta information such as descriptive texts, changelogs or screenshots are available for each user and every app. Relution also automatically syncs the metadata of apps from public stores for publicly available apps.

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Support & FAQ

Make things easier for your help desk and support team by providing FAQ and other support information inside the Relution app. You can do this easily using the administration portal. By indicating, for instance, the solutions to the most frequently asked questions right in the FAQ section of the app, your help desk will be able to concentrate on the more intricate problems and provide stellar customer support!

Release Process and Feedback Loops

Integrating app suppliers into the app lifecycle improves quality assurance. Let all of your app suppliers, whether internal or external, be a part of the Relution Enterprise App Store approval process and guarantee top quality through continuous review and simple feedback iterations.

Modern app development involves frequent iterations and quality checks. Developers, project managers and end users should all have the ability to easily give feedback leading to a continuously improved app quality.

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White labeling

Relution can be completely adapted to the corporate identity (logo, colors, icons etc.) of your company. This supports employee identification with your company and helps promote acceptance within your departments.


Users get instant notifications sent by the administrator or the system so they can always stay informed and compliant.

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Enterprise Brochure

The complete mobility solution for businesses. Learn all about MDM and MAM with Relution in our enterprise brochure.

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Supported Platforms


iOS 11.4.1+, macOS 10.12+, tvOS 12.0+, Android 4.1+, Android Enterprise 5.1+, Samsung KNOX SDK 1.X - 3.3, Windows 10/11

Features vary depending on platform, OS version and device type.

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