Relution Shared Device & Apple Shared iPad

With the only data protection-compliant shared tablet mode with user login and individual apps, iPads can be used securely in schools across all users. Through the combination of the Relution Shared Device mode with the Apple Shared iPad Guest Mode offers the unique opportunity to combine individuality and data protection in a sensible and sustainable way.

Customized offer

The user login via the Relution Shared Device mode makes it possible to do without Managed Apple IDs and at the same time provide individual apps and content, for example for a special class level, on the devices. Using personal WebDAV and smb shares, students can access their data and securely store their work results.

Data cleansing on logout

After leaving the anonymous guest mode on Apple Shared iPad, all temporary user data is automatically deleted, thus ensuring privacy-compliant use of iPads in multi-user mode.

Highlights at a glance

  • No Managed Apple ID necessary
  • Login with Relution User
  • Own app selection for students:inside
  • Device specific configurations
  • No communication with cloud solutions outside the EU*
  • Protection of data sovereignty
  • Enable/disable Relution Shared Device mode for student tablets (school/private context)
  • Integration of file shares via Relution Files Shares for local data storage on school servers
  • Use of the Relution Camera for storing images and videos on configured file shares

* If appropriate solutions such as school server solutions or learning platforms are used, which are operated locally in the school or in a municipal data center.

Mobile Device & App Management with Relution

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