Release Note16.03.2021

Relution Server Release 4.79.1


Notification for new Relution Client versions

As of now, organization administrators and app store managers will be notified about newly available Relution Client versions for iOS and Android via the Notification Center in the Relution Portal. As a prerequisite, native Relution Client apps must be configured in the organization settings. The notification about a new available Relution Client version includes the version number and a link to the corresponding release notes, which inform about respective new features.


Reset password with Android Legacy

For classic enrolled Android legacy devices (device administrator) the action reset password and change password can be used on devices with Android 6.0 and older. The Android Client 3.96 is required to process the action on the device accordingly.

For Android 7-10 devices, a password can be set if the device does not currently have a password. Android no longer offers the option to change existing passwords. As of Android 11, passwords cannot generally be reset on legacy devices. We therefore recommend migrating to Android Enterprise.

Usability / Functional optimizations
  • The configuration radio management for Android Enterprise has been moved to the restrictions for telephony.
  • Improvement of column configuration in list views (new portal).
  • Optimization of filter selection in list views (new portal).
  • Optimization of column display of name, icon and context menu for list entries (new portal).
  • Optimization of search for display on mobile devices (new portal).
  • Improved clarity by omitting sticky columns on mobile devices and small screen resolutions (new portal).
  • Display of a fixed first column in list views, which cannot be changed via the column configurator.
  • Display of context menu in list views per list entry only on mouse-over (new portal).
  • Improved display of the details page for Android Enterprise devices (new portal).
  • Optimization of autocompletion on the Relution login page in the Safari browser (new portal).
  • Optimization of the "Apply action" dialog in the device details of iOS devices (new portal).
  • Improved error message on failure to send email for a device enrollment when the mail server is unreachable.
  • Display the current version of the policy instead of the previous version at the version number of a policy.
  • Ensure that the reported number of pending actions in the device overview list matches the displayed actions in the device detail view.
  • Disable buttons in app delete dialog when delete operation is active (new portal).
  • Adding pagination to policy dialog for device selection (new portal).
  • Addition of required markers and error messages for multiple input fields (new portal).
  • General UX/UI improvements (new portal).
Technical optimizations
  • Ensure app installation on iOS/tvOS/macOS by automatically sending a new app install action if initial installation process could not be successfully performed on the device and the app is not finally installed.
  • Performance improvements when loading user rights on Cockroach 20.1 or newer and PostgreSQL 9.6 or newer.
  • Introduction of JSON web tokens as a replacement for previous authentication mechanisms.
  • Login with a LDAP user can take place despite user synchronization being disabled, even if not all groups can be synchronized.
  • Policy migration is completed successfully even if the database contains invalid data.
  • Extension of CSV import from users to include files with UTF-8 with BOM encoding.
  • Shutdown of the Relution Server is no longer blocked indefinitely when Android Enterprise is configured in an organization.
  • Prevent loading unnecessary liquibase xsd schema files.
  • Fix policy cloning on systems running Microsoft SQL Server (new portal).
  • Fix APNS certificate update.
  • Fix the configuration of Global HTTP Proxy when the proxy type is set to automatic.
  • Bugfix for iOS passcode configuration with the setting "allow simple password" (new portal).
  • Preventing problems with ShedLock on PostgreSQL and cockroach databases.
  • Preventing duplicate public apps in the Relution App Store by copying policies across organizations.
  • Fix action send messages for Android devices.
Technical Changelog

The Changelog for the Release can be found here.