Release Note23.11.2021

Android Client Release 5.3

Android 12

Relution supports Android 12

The compatibility of Relution with the Android 12 operating system is ensured with the Android MDM agent in version 5.3 for Android Classic or Android Legacy enrollments (device administrator). Thus, all previously supported MDM functions under Android 11 are guaranteed and an update of managed devices with Relution can be executed without any problems. 

In general, it is recommended that devices managed with Relution should be switched to Android Enterprise if the classic management via device administrator is still being used. The compatibility of Android 12 devices with Relution via Android Enterprise enrollment is ensured with Relution Server 5.7.

Learn more in our Android 12 News.

Kiosk Mode

Arrange icons

Support new options for arranging icons in "Kiosk Mode" for Android Classic or Legacy enrollments (device administrator) with Relution Server 5.7.

Latest Android Client

The latest Android Relution Client version 5.3 can be downloaded from the Google Play Store or alternatively from our Download Center.