Best Practice Landkreis Lüneburg

Mobile devices in district administration and schools

In the course of digitization, the administrative district of Lüneburg as district administration and school authority was faced with the challenge of consistently advancing the equipping of its employees and schools with mobile devices.

Besides the procurement, the question of central administration of these devices arose. In addition to the functional requirements, simple operation with a German-language interface and, in particular, compliance with data protection regulations (GDPR) were essential criteria in the search for a suitable solution.

The Mobile Device Management Relution of the German software manufacturer M-Way Solutions meets these requirements: The solution works without Apple and Google IDs on the mobile devices and without any data storage in the cloud and can be operated either in the company’s own infrastructure or purchased as Software as a Service (SaaS).

The district of Lüneburg decided to operate the system in its own computing center. By connecting existing systems, the user directory for authentication and local file shares for file storage were integrated. The multi-tenancy capability of Relution makes it possible to provide separate spaces for the district administration and 17 schools.

Employees of the district administration receive secure access to WLAN, e-mail, file server and the intranet via Relution without manual configuration. In addition, all required work tools such as apps and content are automatically provided.

In schools, both iOS and Android tablets can be used with Relution as added value. Via the teacher console, for example, predefined lesson profiles containing relevant apps and content can be distributed. The shared device mode enables the easy use of tablet cases in different classes.

If a large number of mobile devices in public authorities and educational institutions need to be conveniently managed, the use of Relution minimizes the administrative effort, while increasing productivity and ensuring data protection.

The district of Lüneburg sums up: “Contact with the manufacturer was uncomplicated. Relution could be tested free of charge in the own infrastructure and a dedicated contact person was available for further questions”.