Uniformly manage different device types and operating systems with Relution

The state capital Schwerin thinks big when it comes to the number one educational topic - the digitalisation of school lessons. The group of companies SIS and KSM has mastered the challenges with Relution's device management software.

Even before the pandemic and the resulting homeschooling, the state capital Schwerin was proactively pushing the digitalisation of its school landscape. They were looking for a solution that would meet many requirements. It had to be intuitive and easy to use, ensure data security, be as flexible as possible and be able to manage various operating systems and device types. In addition, it was particularly important to be able to fall back on a solution that complies with data protection regulations, where data storage is guaranteed exclusively in Germany and a German-speaking support team is available to provide assistance. All these demands and requirements were met with Relution.

Rethinking school

The goal of the city of Schwerin is to give teachers the right tools with the right software solution so that school can be rethought and designed in a contemporary and attractive way. Modern teaching should prepare pupils for the challenges and problems of the technological world. This requires not only the right teaching methods, but also the sensible use of digital technologies and media.

The City of Schwerin's project is actively supported by the leading municipal IT service provider in West Mecklenburg, KSM Kommunalservice Mecklenburg AöR and SIS - Schweriner IT- und Servicegesellschaft mbh. The group of companies meets the digital challenges and provides holistic and innovative solutions for the future viability of municipalities and municipal enterprises. KSM, as a public authority, opted for the mobile device management (MDM) Relution more than three years ago and equipped Schwerin's schools with it.

Youth and data protection indispensable

"Digitisation in education must definitely be prioritised. We use more than 5,500 devices in class, and the number is rising. These devices must be centrally looked after and uniformly administered in order to ensure trouble-free and targeted teaching. In addition, it is essential that the devices are used in a way that protects minors and complies with data protection regulations," explains Tony Prestin, group leader for infrastructure services at schools. "The decision to go with Relution has proven to be the right one so far. Even with a lot of experience in the IT field, the topic of mobile device management is a completely new challenge that was successfully tackled thanks to the support of the Relution team," adds the expert.

Platform-independent device management

"Besides the professional support, both the flexibility and the platform independence speak for Relution. We can now integrate devices that previously had to be operated offline for IT security reasons into the platform and thus provide significantly more functions," Prestin continues. "The overarching use of the common operating systems enables us to manage Android-powered interactive boards and TVs in addition to devices running on iPadOS, tvOS and macOS," affirms Tony Prestin.


  • Mobile devices: 5,530
  • Schools: 75
  • School board: 13
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Foto: Yulia Buchatskaya/ Unsplash