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In conversation with Volker Hahn, Relution founder and CEO of MWAY GROUP GmbH. Described by his colleagues as a driver of new ideas, a visionary, a techno lover and last but not least a fitness guru - the founder and CEO of MWAY. We talked to Volker Hahn about digitization in education, data protection and his visions.

How did you come to offer Relution, a unified endpoint management solution specifically for educational institutions?

In the beginning, Relution was not intended for the education sector at all, but for managing mobile devices in companies. Then we received feedback from the market that there are special requirements for schools and the public sector to manage mobile devices. In particular, compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation is a challenge in this area. So, we adapted our product accordingly in a targeted manner to serve precisely this market. As a German company, we have the advantage of knowing the requirements of the GDPR very well. And feedback and inquiries from school authorities and schools enable us to respond precisely to the needs of the target group in further development, in order to make teaching even more efficient.

Can you think of an example where you get feedback that MWAY makes life easier?

Yes, we get feedback like that frequently. At Relution, for example, customers give us feedback that the software makes managing mobile devices in schools or at public institutions much more efficient and easier. What seemed almost impossible to manage before is now no longer a problem.

What do you think everyday school life will ideally look like in 15 years' time?

I can imagine that much more information will be available digitally in the future and that learning will change a great deal. Content will be perfectly didactically prepared so that the learning content can be ideally conveyed. Teachers will no longer primarily impart knowledge but will be available to answer questions and respond to students as individuals with different needs. In schools, there is much more room for communication and social interaction, while information is learned more through self-study. Despite all the digitalization, social interaction must be maintained, and the school must remain a space where people continue to develop together.

Mr. Hahn, why do you have to be particularly fit to be CEO of MWAY?

I am convinced that mental and physical fitness is an important basis for success. That applies to sports just as much as to running a company. Just as I personally always want to develop further in sports, my role as CEO is all about taking the next step, being successful and courageously pursuing and implementing a vision together with the team. Winning is always a headache.

We have to get to work and have the courage to redefine schools structurally, didactically and digitally.


Fotos: Felix Lavey/ MWAY; Björn Engler/ MWAY