LivingData and the State of Bavaria

The LivingData is the leading system house in Bavaria, offering tailor-made IT solutions for municipalities. For more than 25 years, LivingData has been planning, implementing and supporting either the entire IT or specific IT subareas of cities, municipalities and counties in a trend-setting manner. Since March 2022, Relution has complemented the portfolio of sector-specific device management in the Bavarian education sector.

Digital teaching rethought across Bavaria

As a 100% subsidiary of the Anstalt der Kommunalen Datenverarbeitung (AKDB) LivingData knows the requirements of public administration and the education sector inside out. In addition to holistic security and infrastructure solutions, its broad service portfolio includes both the path to the cloud and a wide range of managed services with on-premises installation in its own data center. Both solution options can be covered with Relution, in compliance with data protection regulations at all times.

The solution for teacher and student devices

“Every school faces different requirements. The choice to add Relution to our solutions was made quickly. The Mobile Device Management (MDM) system can be used flexibly and offers our customers numerous options for various individual challenges,” explains Thorsten Schulz, Head of Systems at LivingData.

Digital Education - Holistic Thinking

Since then, Relution has completed the Bavarian schoolTab bundle, provided by LivingData and the Institute for Modern Education (IfmB), which was tailored to the needs of learners and teachers alike. The bundle consists of an Apple iPad and a custom-fit hardware and software package, enhanced by data protection-compliant Mobile Device Management (MDM) from Relution - including pedagogical training and technical training in preparatory workshops. With this all-round carefree offer, Bavarian educational institutions are enabled to participate digitally in modern, didactically valuable teaching. “Digitization is more than just providing technical tools. It is not about replacing teachers with digital end devices. Rather, the aim is to supplement school lessons with digital tools in order to convey knowledge in a contemporary way and prepare students for life after school,” continues Thorsten Schulz.

Maximum safety with full multifunctionality

Relution is particularly suitable because it is multi-platform capable and operating system-independent. In other words, different types of devices such as smartphones, tablets, laptops, computers and interactive whiteboards as well as the overlapping use of the three common operating systems of Apple, Android and Windows can be supported with Relution - even mixed operation is possible. “Many solutions on the market are only compatible with the iOS operating system; with Relution, the customer has a free choice,” says Johannes Hupfauf, Head of Education Management at LivingData.

There are also big differences when it comes to hosting: a local, Bavarian self-hosting - on premises - either in the customer’s data center or directly at LivingData, as well as in a German, encrypted cloud, is not possible with many other providers. “The topic of hosting is becoming increasingly important - especially with regard to the data protection of sensitive student data generated by increasing digital learning and teaching,” Johannes Hupfauf continues. “Therefore, there is a need for a DSGVO-compliant, clear and, above all, user-friendly solution that can be put into operation quickly - we have found all of this in Relution, which is why we are very happy about this partnership,” concludes Thorsten Schulz.