Can Windows 10 devices be managed with Relution?

With Relution Version 5, Windows 10 devices can be enrolled and managed. Supported Windows versions are Windows 10 Home, Windows 10 Professional and Windows 10 Education. To enroll a Windows 10 device, a new enrollment must be created in Relution.

Subsequently, the enrollment for a Windows 10 device is listed under “Enrollments” in the “Sent” status.

Is a Microsoft account required to enroll Windows 10 devices?

Windows 10 devices can be managed in Relution without a Microsoft or Azure AD account. The only requirement for enrollment is a local user in Relution, which can be defined when creating an enrollment in Relution.

How to get the enrollment information?

Enrollment information can be sent either by email or SMS. For example, the user assigned to the enrolled device will receive the following email from Relution with all relevant information:

The enrollment link in the email will automatically take you to the enrollment process on your Windows 10 device.

What are the enrollment steps on a Windows 10 device?

After creating an enrollment for a Windows 10 device in Relution, the following process must be run on the device:

    1. In "Access work or school account", click "Register with device management only".

    2. First, enter the e-mail address of the Relution user stored during enrollment. Then enter the corresponding MDM server URL (see e-mail). No Microsoft ID is required for enrollment. The manual entry of the MDM server URL can be automated, provided that necessary CNAME DNS records have been configured for this purpose.

    3. Enter the enrollment code from Relution.

    4. the device is enrolled.

    5. After that, the device is enrolled and can be managed with Relution.

How do I see in Relution if a Windows 10 device has been successfully enrolled?

The enrolled Windows 10 device is now displayed in the inventory list and the device details can be viewed.

What must be considered in advance of an enrollment?

Devices should be equipped with a unique Id. Particularly in the case of pre-configuration via an image, care should be taken to ensure that the devices can be distinguished by the MDM.

Is there a possibility of multi-use enrollment (bulk enrollment) of Windows 10 devices with Relution?

Relution supports multi-use enrollment as an efficient way to set up a large number of Windows 10 devices to be managed by an MDM server without the need to re-image the devices.

For more details see the Microsoft documentation on Bulk enrollment

Can enrolled Windows 10 devices be configured with Relution?

Windows 10 devices enrolled in Relution can be configured via policies and controlled via actions. See insight Configure Windows 10 devices with Relution

Can Relution be used to distribute apps to enrolled Windows 10 devices?

With Relution, both native apps from the Relution App Store and public apps from the Windows Store can be installed and uninstalled on enrolled Windows 10 devices. Supported app formats are .msix, .msixbundle, .appx and .appxbundle. To install apps on Windows 10 devices and convert formats to MSIX using the Microsoft MSIX Packaging Tool, see insight Windows apps for Windows 10 devices with Relution

Will Relution’s Windows 10 support be expanded?

With Relution 5, the management of Windows 10 devices was introduced. The range of functions for configuring, restricting and securing Windows 10 devices as well as installing applications will be continuously expanded from now on.

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