How to set up Android Enterprise in Relution?

In order to use Android Enterprise with the Mobile Device Management Relution, the corresponding Relution organization must be linked to a Google organization. A corresponding Google account is stored under Settings -> Device management -> Android Enterprise:

By clicking on “Register now” you will be redirected to Google Play:

Only non-managed Google accounts can be used for linking to the Google Managed Play Store. Managed accounts from companies for employees are not possible. It should be noted that a Google account can only be linked to one MDM system at a time.

After specifying the company, privacy officer and agreeing to the agreements for the use of the Managed Play Store, one is automatically redirected back to Relution after confirming the registration:

Every device that is enrolled via Android Enterprise automatically gets a technical ID within the linked Google organization. This is a technical account with no reference to a real user.

What are the advantages of Android Enterprise and how is it used?

A detailed description of the advantages and possible uses of Android Enterprise with Relution can be found in the insight Android Enterprise Fully Managed & Work Profile.

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