Homescreen and wallpaper for Android Enterprise

Can the homescreen of Android devices be configured via Relution?

The homescreen and wallpaper can be predefined and applied to enrolled devices via Relution policies for Android Enterprise devices with the Relution Homescreen Layout configuration.


Do I have to meet certain requirements to apply the configuration?

In order to apply the configuration "Relution Homescreen Layout", the corresponding devices must be managed in Relution via the Android Enterprise enrollment. In order to run the configuration on Android Enterprise devices, it is mandatory that the Relution Homescreen App is installed on the corresponding devices. The homescreen of devices with Android legacy enrollment (device administrator) cannot be configured via Relution.

What are the advantages of configuring the homescreen and wallpaper?

The layout of the homescreen of devices, for example for class sets in schools or for specific departments in companies, can be conveniently standardized for a large number of devices. A predefined sequence of apps significantly improves usability on the devices. Apps can be found quickly by means of a meaningful grouping. The devices are generally easier to operate thanks to a familiar setup. The arrangement of the apps can be locked so that users cannot make any changes locally on the devices using drag & drop.

What settings can be defined via the Relution Homescreen Layout configuration?


Under layout, the theme, grid size and screen orientation can be specified for an individual look.



An individual, CI-branded background image can be uploaded for the devices. In addition, a text can be defined on the background image in a selected color. For example, the name of the assigned school class, the department, or a support contact for any problems can be stored.



Under "Allowed apps", you can choose whether all apps or only the apps defined in the following simulator should be displayed on the device. "Lock arrangement" allows users to use the specified homescreen layout, but not to change it on the device via drag&drop.


Configuration Simulator

In the configuration view, all Android apps and web links from the Relution App Store can be placed on the right Android device by dragging and dropping from the left view. The order of the selected app icons can be freely chosen and adjusted at any time. Already used and placed app icons are grayed out in the left app selection. You can also create folders by placing two app icons on top of each other and assign a name directly.

If a placed app icon is deleted in the device view, it is available for selection again. App icons can also be placed in the dock at the bottom of the screen.

The applied homescreen configuration affects already installed apps on the devices. The configuration does not install defined apps that are not already on the devices. For apps defined in the homescreen layout but not installed, a free field is displayed on the device in the defined grid. As soon as the respective app is subsequently installed on the device, it appears in the position defined by the applied homescreen layout and thus fills the free space.


In the simulator, additional pages can also be added via the plus icon on the right edge of the displayed device and populated with apps from the Relution App Store as desired. System and manufacturer apps that are already locally on the respective devices cannot be configured via Relution's homescreen layout and are automatically placed on the last page of the device.

Is there another way to configure the homescreen layout in Relution?

Alternatively, the homescreen for Android Enterprise devices can also be configured via the "Manage apps" configuration. After adding the Relution homescreen app, the settings for layout, background and restrictions can also be configured via this path. However, there is no simulator for the convenient arrangement of apps and web links available at this point and the package names of the desired apps are required.