Release Note17.02.2021

Relution Server Release 4.78


New system group “Content Manager”

Content Managers primarily have the right to obtain content in the form of apps and books and distribute them to devices or users. To enable this, users assigned to the group Content Manager can use the following functions Content Managers primarily have the right to obtain content in the form of apps and books and distribute them to devices or users. To enable this, users assigned to the Content Manager group can use the following functions in Relution:

  • View and move apps
  • Edit/approve app requests
  • Create/manage categories
  • View purchased apps and books
  • Assign purchased apps and books to devices and/or users
  • View users and groups (but not create/edit/delete)
  • Assign auto-deployments to users and groups
  • Manage VPP users
  • Edit App Store settings
  • Edit VPP settings
  • Edit timetables and school subjects.

Notification center in the Relution Portal

From now on, upcoming changes and important news will be displayed in the Relution Portal. The new Notification Center is located in the upper right corner and informs about expiring tokens and certificates as well as new Relution server versions. Newly available notifications are displayed via a badge. The following information is currently available for the respective roles:

System Administrator

  • Release notes for a new Relution version, if the backend is not up-to-date.

Organization Administrator

  • Expiring iOS Client Provisioning Profile
  • Expiring VPP tokens
  • Expiring DEP token
  • Expiring MDM Push Certificates
  • Expiring App Store Push Certificates.


Make login password for enrollments configurable The length of the passcode for enrollments can be defined via the yml file. There is a possibility to choose a passcode between 5 and 16 characters. This way the security of authorized enrollments can be increased:

1 relution:
2 enrollment:
3 passcodeLength: 16

Operating system specific requirements regarding password length have to be considered additionally. After the change, the instance must be restarted.


Send app text messages to a device

In order to send a message to a device user as an administrator of Relution, the action “Send message” can be used. Title and content can be defined.


To receive the message, the Relution app must be installed on the device. When it is launched for the first time, push notification must be enabled.

Subsequently managed apps

Non-supervised apps installed by users on a device are updated if the device administrator defines the same app as a required app via app compliance or assigns it to a group or users via auto-deployments. On devices that are not supervised, a dialog appears asking if app management should be done via Relution. After confirmation, the app is updated and will be a managed app afterwards. On supervised devices, no dialog appears and the action is performed automatically. If there is a VPP license for the managed app in the Relution organization, it will be assigned automatically. No Apple ID is required on the device.

Usability / Functional optimizations
  • Improved dashboard view (new portal).
  • Optimized adjustment of the column order in the list of purchased apps (new portal).
  • Improved display of table headers (new portal).
  • Configurations of old versions of policies can no longer be edited (new portal).
  • Performing an automatic refresh after plausibility check of the VPP synchronization history in the settings (new portal).
  • Enable restriction "Force request permission to leave an unmanaged class" in an iOS policy to be stored (new portal).
  • Avoid redundant information by removing additional toast messages when saving settings (new portal).
  • Improved error message when resetting the password if the mail server is not available (new portal).
  • Fix selecting actions in the device details (new portal).
  • Fix creating a new enrollment, so that the selection of a policy in the corresponding dialog window can be permanently cleared and does not appear again (new portal).
  • Extension of the iOS update action to include the selection of multiple iOS and tvOS devices (new portal).
  • Extension of the detail pages of Android Enterprise devices to include the serial number (new portal).
  • Extension of iOS restrictions for student devices to not be able to change the background image during an active exam session on the devices.
  • Extension of the iOS weblink configuration by specifying an app with which the configured weblink should be opened on the device.
  • Improved error message for invalid app approval status information when uploading apps to Relution.
  • Error prevention through non-deletable system groups.
  • Identifying a failed policy update on Android Enterprise devices when the management API returns invalid values.
  • Display of a warning when certificate authorities or certification templates are deleted in the settings if certificates based on them have been created that may become invalid as a result.
  • Fix blocking popup window that prevents using app detail page of public apps (new portal).
  • Fix changing device name via CVS upload in auto-enrollments (new portal).
Technical optimizations
  • Optimization of file upload in different organizations through a multi-tenant user (new portal).
  • Enhancement of automatic installation of iOS system apps such as Pages or Numbers with available VPP licenses on student devices when the lesson is started from the teacher device.
  • Performance optimization by avoiding unnecessary pushes to devices for actions that have not yet been executed.
  • Optimization in the creation of organization names in the context of self-service registration to ensure unique organization names.
  • Improved error message in case of "incorrect configuration" of Android Enterprise permissions by validating entered values.
  • Optimized maintenance of permissions for users in the system organization to ensure that logon to the system organization is possible.
  • Automatically repeat the installation of a newly versioned iOS policy at a later time if the device cannot currently perform a profile installation.
  • Web API view now uses OpenAPI v3.
  • Using schema version 3.3 instead of 4.2 for the Liquibase database change log to avoid blocked XML schema downloads by restrictive proxies.
  • Troubleshooting Android Enterprise policy cloning by not cloning an existing managed app configuration.
  • Troubleshooting when working with the Relution App Store when two identical app release workflows have been created in the workflow settings.
Technical Changelog

The Changelog for the Release can be found here.