Release Note19.01.2021

Relution Server Release 4.77


Relution Shared Device configuration for single app mode

There is now an additional checkbox “Lock device to enforce login” in the configuration. If this option is activated, the Relution app is put into single app mode as long as no user is logged in. Only after login into the Relution app access to other (authorized) apps will be granted.

For example, to be able to switch to another WiFi outside of the school WiFi, the Relution app must not be operated in single app mode to allow access to the settings. For this case, the option “Lock device to enforce login” must be disabled.


Additional restrictions for Apple Classroom on iOS

With an iOS policy different restrictions for the Apple Classroom app can be set in Relution:

  • „Allow the teacher to lock apps and devices“ - allows the teacher to lock a student's device or an app open on the device.
  • „Force automatic join in Classroom classes“ - students are not asked to join a class when activated.
  • „Request permission on leaving unmanaged Classroom class“ - leaving an unmanaged class requires permission from the teacher when activated.
Android Enterprise

Skip password setup during device enrollment

When setting up enrollments for Android Enterprise Fully Managed Device, an additional checkbox can be set to skip setting up passwords/patterns during the enrollment process on the device.

Update enrollment:


Bulk enrollment:


Extension of the WiFi configuration

Addition of the EAP security type and proxy settings to the WiFi configuration for Android Enterprise Fully Managed Device.


Managed apps for macOS 11+

Relution is now fully compatible with macOS 11+ and supports provisioning of managed apps on macOS with Bug Sur.

Managed AppConfig for macOS 11+

Relution supports the configuration of managed apps via AppConfig for macOS with Big Sur. This feature is available as a configuration in the Relution policies for macOS.


OS update action for tvOS devices

In the device details, the button “Apply Action“ under the “Actions” tab allows for installing OS updates on the selected device.


Furthermore, the WiFi MAC address for tvOS devices is now displayed in the device inventory.


SFTP synchronization for Apple School Manager (ASM)

In order to minimize administration efforts when maintaining class records in both systems Relution and ASM, an SFTP synchronization can be set up in Relution under “Settings -> Apple School Manager Synchronization”. The required SFTP-URL, -user and -password are available in ASM.

This way, data sets with school context such as users for teachers and students as well as classes created in Relution can be synchronized with ASM. For this, at least one class, one teacher and one student must exist in Relution. Users must belong to either the “Teacher” or “Student” system group in Relution in order to be included in the synchronization.

When a user is created in ASM automatically, the first name, last name, and email address of the corresponding Relution user are used. In ASM it can also be activated that for each imported Relution user a Managed Apple ID is created in a predefined format. In Relution, the created Managed Apple ID is also stored for the corresponding Relution user in the according user profile. For example, the Managed Apple ID can be used for login to the Apple Shared iPad in order to distribute individual apps via Relution.

When setting up SFTP synchronization in Relution for the first time, an initial sync with ASM is performed. If the corresponding Relution organization is not yet known to ASM, a new location is being created automatically. Subsequently, the sync is performed once per day per organization by default.


Extension of CSV import for users

All properties that can be specified when creating a user manually are also possible via CSV import. In addition, up to 15 user-specific properties can be defined. The corresponding column names must be specified with custom1 to custom15:

userid,email,first name,last name,password,phone number,position,country,managed apple id,custom1,custom2,…,custom15
Usability / Functional optimizations
  • Improved workflow when importing users via a CSV file.
Technical optimizations
  • Optimize verification of payload signatures for newly enrolled Apple devices.
  • Increase frequency of periodic pushes to Apple devices to optimize action delivery.
  • Optimization of VPP licenses for apps referenced in multiple VPP tokens
  • Automatic renewal of PKI certificates.
  • Performance optimization by preventing server synchronization of groups when LDAP connection is interrupted.
  • Fixing issue when saving auto-enrollments several times.
Technical Changelog

The Changelog for the release can be found here.