Relution Summit 2021

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This year’s Relution Summit focused on the digitalization of educational institutions, administrations and companies.

To further optimize digital management in organizations, Relution has evolved from a classic MDM solution to a unified endpoint management system (UEM).

The goal is to digitize workflows while making the use of technology more secure. In addition to basic technical equipment and corresponding infrastructure requirements, this also requires a central control system in order to ultimately be able to work with software, apps and devices in a data protection-compliant manner.

A UEM system is the central success factor for ensuring the smooth interaction of the components used. Today’s device world alone is so diverse that a UEM system has become indispensable for managing, setting up and controlling the various platforms and device types such as smartphones, tablets, notebooks, interactive whiteboards and desktop computers.

With the use of Relution, workflows in different industries can be networked, users can be empowered by technology and ultimately added value can be generated in different application scenarios.

The online event informed about 220 participants about product advantages, central functions, innovations and further developments in the areas of mobile and desktop. This year, we again succeeded in attracting speakers for valuable guest contributions, who enriched the Relution Summit with exclusive insights into the practice of IT departments in cities and districts, hospitals and municipal data centers. Aspects of successful digital teaching in schools and how this can succeed were presented as part of our partnership with Samsung New Learning.

All contributions of the event as well as the corresponding documents are available below in video format and as PDFs for download.

We would like to thank all participants for their active interest and are very happy about the positive feedback we received.

Special thanks go to the city of Oldenburg, the Rhein-Neckar-Kreis, the district of Kassel, the city of Offenbach am Main, the Heinz-Brand-Schule Berlin, the Klinikum Christophsbad, the Kommunale Informationsverarbeitung Sachsen (KISA) and Samsung Electronics Mobile B2B for the support and interesting practical reports.

We wish you continued success with Relution!

Your Relution Team


Introduction, Innovations & Mobile devices

Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) ∙ Success factors ∙ Relution advantages ∙ Product news ∙ Relution portal ∙ Apple iOS ∙ Android Classic ∙ Android Enterprise

Download presentation as PDF (DE)


iOS & iPadOS

Guest speakers: Dettmar Kunst, Head of School IT and Steffen Prüwer, System Administrator Client Management, City of Oldenburg

Download presentation as PDF (DE)


Android Enterprise

Guest speaker: Dr. Thorsten Zandt, Head of Mathematics, Heinz-Brandt-Schule, Berlin

Download presentation as PDF (DE)


Boards & Desktop devices

Interactive Whiteboards ∙ tvOS ∙ macOS ∙ Windows ∙ Configurations ∙ Enrollment types

Download presentation as PDF (DE)


Windows & Bulk Enrollment

Guest speaker: Marco Siebert, IT Service Schools, Kassel District

Download presentation as PDF (DE)


School solutions: Homeschooling, Lending System & Integrations

Guest speaker: Thomas Jödicke, Team Leader IT Schools, Rhine-Neckar District

Download presentation as PDF (DE)


Boards & tvOS

Guest speaker: Norman Jahn, Head of IT Department, City of Offenbach am Main

Download presentation as PDF (DE)


Healthcare solutions: Shared Device, Kiosk Modus & Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

Guest speaker: Markus Braun, IT Department, Christophsbad Hospital, Göppingen, Germany

Download presentation as PDF (DE)


Samsung Neues Lernen & Classroom Management

Guest speaker: Judith Hoffmann, Head of Education and Local Government Business, Samsung Electronics Mobile B2B

Download presentation as PDF (DE)


Operation & Data Center

Guest speaker: Rico Schmidt, Head of Schools, Municipal Information Processing Saxony - KISA

Download presentation as PDF (DE)


Summary & Outlook

Apple User Enrollment ∙ Relution Agent Apps ∙ Language Versions ∙ Global Policies ∙ Dynamic Policies ∙ Dynamic Roles ∙ Relution Hub

Download presentation as PDF (DE)


Foto: Raphael Pohland/ MWAY