Review and summary

Thanks for a successful summit

This year’s Relution Summit was dedicated to digital education: colourful, diverse and integrated. For the first time as an online event 120 participants will have the opportunity to discuss current developments and trends in the education sector informed all day long about Relution’s new products and further developments. This year’s highlights were the guest contributions from one school authority each, system house and data centre, which offers exclusive insights into different application scenarios for digital teaching in schools.

We would like to thank all participants for their interest and are pleased very much about the positive feedback that has reached us. Special thanks go to the Landkreis Harz, Horn & Cosifan and the Kommunalen Rechenzentrum Niederrhein (KRZN) for the valuable practical reports on the use of tablets at schools.

All contributions to the event and the associated documents are available as video format and PDF below (German only).

Arrival & welcome

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Current market situation and trends

The need to catch up with digitisation in schools brings new challenges in terms of data protection and security and involves aspects such as infrastructure, system integration and data sovereignty. For all It is important that those involved take responsibility, in order to ultimately ensure compliance with the GDPR and digital sovereignty of educational institutions.

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Landkreis Harz – From analysis to piloting

Together with 35 different schools, the district of Harz is developing platform-independent solutions for the use of tablets in class. Thereby provide schools and parents with maximum flexibility and data protection as central requirements in the foreground. iPads, Android Tablets, MacBooks for Teachers and Apple TVs are used in the schools.

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Android Enterprise

Insights into the administration and configuration of permissions for Android Enterprise devices in Managed device and work profile mode in Relution via Coupling with a Google Managed Play Store account. Demo of the central Provision of apps from the Managed Play Store and managed Configurations for selected apps. Excursus Samsung Knox with KME.

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macOS & tvOS

Explanation of the enrollment via the Device Enrollment Program (DEP) and central inventory of macOS and tvOS devices in Relution. Different Options for remote configuration and app distribution via volume purchase Program (VPP).

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Horn & Cosifan – Managed Services and mass rollout

Horn & Cosifan looks after the Wetteraukreis with 90 school locations in all IT questions. iPads come in tablet cases as 1:n equipment for Students* and teachers and Apple TVs in classrooms and Mac mini as Caching Server for use. Good planning is the key to success in Preparation and rollout of a large number of devices. Not only for the technical implementation itself but also in storage and disposal.

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One system for administration and schools

In addition to educational institutions, digitization also has a positive impact on the administration increasingly moving in. The district of Lüneburg equips employees and schools equally with mobile devices. In order to reduce administration costs and to use synergies, the use of a central MDM system offers the following advantages which on the one hand takes into account individual requirements and at the same time enables standardized processes.

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KRZN - Best practices for implementation & operation

The Kommunales Rechenzentrum Niederrhein operates a central system on one server and manages 90 organizations via the multi-client capability of Relution. The close interlocking with the school administration offices enables the Smooth process for the procurement and provision of the tablets. The Enrollment and app distribution is done by the Apple School Manager (DEP & VPP). Centrally provided guidelines enable various Application scenarios for 1:1 and 1:n equipment.

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Apple Shared iPad, Multiple VPP & device lock time

Demo of Apple Shared iPad with advantages and disadvantages of using Managed Apple IDs and guest mode. Relution Shared Device Mode in Combination with Shared iPad guest mode as a data protection compliant solution with user-specific apps. Consideration of different sources for central procured apps via the Volume Purchase Program (VPP) using several Server tokens in Relution. Time-defined automatic blocking as off-time Mode for student devices outside school hours.

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Classroom on macOS

Demo of Apple Classroom and the Relution teacher console via macOS for teachers to prepare lessons and control student equipment.

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Relution Camera, CSV, SSO

The iOS Relution Client’s custom camera feature allows you to store photos and videos in configured file shares without automatically using the iOS Photo Library. CSV export of list views and import of user, class, and DEP device names. Configuration of Single Sign On and taking advantage of OpenID Connect and SAML.

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The new Relution 5 portal is based on a more modern technology offers a revised UI and provides a significantly better performance. With the new offer Relution Homework, homework can be comfortably distributed and managed between teachers and students*. The integration with Relution allows the use of existing classes and users. New topics on the roadmap include Windows 10 support, the separation of policies and configurations and TeamViewer integration.

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