Relution powered by LMZ

A case study from Baden-Württemberg

M-Way Solutions GmbH and the Landesmeidenzentrum (LMZ) Baden-Württemberg are currently testing the use of Relution for Education as an MDM solution for schools in Baden-Württemberg. The aim is to connect to paedML and to support schools through the LMZ hotline.

A solution will probably be available for use in schools at beneficial conditions and is currently being tested live in schools with over 1,000 devices. In the meantime, the first user report has become available.

Interested parties are welcome to contact the LMZ directly.

About Relution for Education

Relution for Education is a product by the M-Way Solutions GmbH. For over 12 years, the Stuttgart-based company has been supplying mobile software solutions to corporate customers from a variety of industries. With Relution for Education, the experience of the enterprise surrounding field was used to create an adapted and optimized product in the education spectrum. Relution for Education is aimed at educational institutions and providers which offers a comprehensive solution for the introduction and administration of mobile devices and apps.

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