Test now - Relution in a new look&feel

The new Relution portal presents itself. With version 4.65.2 the new interface can be tried out. For better differentiation it is kept in dark mode and can be reached after login by clicking the button “To the new Relution Portal” in the header.

In the new portal the navigation menu is located on the left side. All actions in a view are now located in the upper right-hand corner. The scope of functions is identical to the current version in the old portal. However, the registration and management of tvOS devices is only fully supported in the new portal.

The new interface in dark mode will be available for testing for about 8 weeks. During this time we are looking forward to any feedback and suggestions for further improvements. From the preview view, you can always return to the familiar Relution portal by clicking on the “Back to previous portal” button in the left-hand navigation menu.

After the preview phase, the new Relution portal is displayed in light mode by default. You can switch between light and dark mode at any time in the user settings. The old Relution portal will still be available via a button for the time being.

In Q3’20 the old Relution portal is planned to be switched off completely. Depending on their preferences, users can define their individual settings of light and dark mode as default and change them at any time.

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