Relution AIR - Ventilation in schools as needed

Air quality measurement to promote health and concentration

Air is everywhere and our constant companion. The element with the vital oxygen has a positive effect on the ability to perform and concentrate. The fresher the air, the better.

People regularly spend many hours indoors, whether at home, at work or at school. If there is insufficient air exchange in closed rooms over a longer period of time, the air quality deteriorates due to an increasing carbon dioxide content.

Especially in schools, different class sizes and rooms require more than a static ventilation plan for the implementation of the most ideal air quality possible. This ensures that students can concentrate optimally in class and at the same time minimizes the risk of infection with the Corona virus and prevents colds as far as possible.

To keep the air quality constantly high, a regular supply of fresh air is essential. However, continuous ventilation makes little sense from an energy and financial point of view. The goal should be to ensure a balanced ratio between oxygen and thermal energy through controlled shock ventilation.

The air sensor Relution AIR powered by Enerthing offers the ideal solution for good indoor air as a warning system. By permanently measuring the CO2 content in the room air, Relution AIR automatically reports when defined limit values are exceeded. Immediate and sufficient ventilation of the rooms helps to maintain sufficient oxygen supply.

With the battery- and maintenance-free Relution AIR air sensor powered by Enerthing, continuous measurement is provided by a photovoltaic module. The Relution AIR Sensor powered by Enerthing can be easily attached to any wall without wiring thanks to Bluetooth technology. The accompanying Relution Air mobile app enables automatic connection with the sensor via Bluetooth easy connect and visualizes the current air quality on the mobile device.

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Foto: RossHelen/ iStock