Relution 5 Partner Event 2021

Thank you for a successful partner event

We would like to thank all participants for their active interest and are very happy about the positive feedback we received.

All contributions of the event as well as the corresponding documents are available below in video and PDF format.

For a smooth update to Relution 5, a checklist is available.

We wish all users a lot of success with Relution 5 and look forward to a continued good and close cooperation, many new suggestions and the successful further development of our product offering.


Welcome and presentation agenda

Download presentation as PDF (DE)


System Requirements

Technical requirements for a successful operation of Relution 5, future support of Java 8 - 15, recommendation patch management and updates (Docker Container, On Premise, SaaS), update of recommended databases, recommendation for new installations, time saving at initial start of Relution 5, update path to be followed, recommendation before major update, change and unification of REST API paths, unique email addresses for users for Single Sign-on (SSO), Relution 5 update checklist.

Download presentation as PDF (DE)


New Look & Feel

New Relution logo, branding and design elements for campaigns, UI adjustments and usability optimizations new Relution portal, navigation, user management, settings, list views, context menu, multi search, notification center, user profile.

Download presentation as PDF(DE)


Multi Policies

Apply multiple policies to a device including live demo, assign device configurations across multiple policies, cross configurations for all devices and unique configurations for specific devices, minimize effort by maintaining centralized configurations, define order for policies, revise compliance view in device details, track applied configurations on devices, assign multiple policies at device enrollment, define multiple default policies, define default policies for specific users or groups.

Download presentation as PDF(DE)


Minor Improvements

Various optimizations for iOS and Android, multi-enrollment code for enrolling multiple devices for mass roll-out on Android Enterprise and iOS, auto-enrollment of Samsung Knox Mobile Enrollment (KME) devices with Android Enterprise by transferring the multi-enrollment code from Relution via custom JSON to the MDM profile on Samsung KME (no need to manually scan the Android Enterprise enrollment code from the Relution portal), iOS in app or domain VPN for protected access to content, set time zones on devices via location services policies and positioning for an out-of-box experience (OOBE) during auto-enrollment, control device names via policies using dynamic placeholders for customization.

Download presentation as PDF (DE)


Windows 10 platform

Enrollment and configuration of Windows 10 devices, supported systems Windows 10 Home, Windows 10 Professional, Windows 10 Education, live demo of enrolling a Windows 10 device, configurations (email, Exchange, VPN, WiFi, certificates), device restrictions (accounts, app management, camera, settings, Windows updates), actions (reboot device, update device information).

Download presentation as PDF (DE)


Next Steps

Roadmap and themes for 2021, Relution App family with agent apps on same code base for multiple platforms including migration strategy, further usability optimizations (Quick Info Box for all important information and actions at a glance, bulk actions for list views, merging of search and filter, variable column width via drag&drop, cross-client functionality for managing multiple organizations, support for Android Enterprise Management Sets (Work Profile, Dedicated Device Management, Full Device Management, Mobile App Management), new configuration profiles for Android Enterprise, Out-of-Box Experience (OOBE) for mass rollout of Samsung KME and Android Enterprise devices with Zero Touch Enrollment, Integration of Samsung Classroom Management App, revision of Managed App Configuration, control of Samsung Classroom App devices with Relution teacher console, integration of Microsoft Autopilot for automatic enrollment, additional profiles Windows Defender and Windows Update Properties, Windows Account Management, Windows Kiosk Mode, connection Microsoft Store for Business for distribution of apps, PKI support, Secure Mail Gateway for Windows 10, extension of Notification Center, sending messages to devices, dynamic rights system for defining own roles, configuration of caching servers, introduction of Knowledge Base, lending system of devices with return management.

Download presentation as PDF (DE)


One More Thing

Relution AIR powered by Enerthing, CO2 sensor for measuring air quality for demand-oriented and energy-efficient ventilation of classrooms during classroom instruction, display of current measured values via free Relution AIR app, no IT infrastructure required thanks to Bluetooth technology, maintenance-free solution thanks to photovoltaic technology.

Relution Mobile Device Management, platform independent (iOS, macOS, tvOS, Android, Android Enterprise, Samsung Knox, Windows 10, Interactive Boards), data protection, DSGVO, on premise, operation in own infrastructure, integration of school server solutions, multi-client capability, focus on education sector with education functionalities.

Download presentation as PDF (DE)


Foto: MWAY