Press release: Relution and IST decide to partnership

M-Way Solutions GmbH and IST Deutschland GmbH announce their cooperation-partnership to take advantage of their combined effort in the digitization in the education sector.

In German schools, the use of tablets for interactive teaching is becoming more and more relevant. With Relution for Education, system houses and school software manufacturers that are now driving digitization forward in schools and bringing together solutions offer a complete solution for the use of tablets in schools.

IST is Scandinavia’s largest and leading provider of digital education solutions. The Swedish innovation leader also offers its educational products in Germany. To complement its offering, IST Germany has decided to use Relution as its preferred MDM solution for the use of tablets in schools. This offers pupils and teachers a solution that provides simple access to modern learning Apps, Multimedia contents and allows control of the processes necessary for management.

David Baunsgaard, Vice President and Head of the Business Region Germany: “For more than 30 years we have been contributing to building the schools of tomorrow. Relution for Education supports us in providing an efficient IT infrastructure for mobile devices, which we can integrate well into our existing solutions i.e. IST MDM and XINiS. Through our collaboration, schools and decision-makers will benefit from our shared expertise and experience.”

Oliver Stein, Head of Product Management at M-Way Solutions, agrees: “With IST Germany, we are pleased to have gained an innovator with a lot of experience in the industry. IST’s product portfolio includes modern and intelligent solutions, such as web-based school administration, for the education sector from planning to the administration of digital learning. The focus of the collaboration is the digital classroom. To this end, we rely on a partnership model that provides our customers with comprehensive solutions with expertise and experience in the sector of education and technology”.

About Relution for Education

Relution for Education is a product by M-Way Solutions GmbH. For over 12 years, the Stuttgart-based company has been supplying mobile software solutions to corporate customers from a variety of industries. With Relution for Education, the experience from the enterprise surrounding field was used in order to create an adapted and optimized offer in the education sector. Relution for Education is aimed at educational institutions and provides a comprehensive solution for the introduction and administration of mobile devices and apps.

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