• 16 april 2021

Review and summary

Thank you for a successful partner event We would like to thank all participants for their interest and are very pleased with the positive feedback we received.

  • 13 march 2021

Relution 5 update checklist

Relution 5 system requirements With the major update version 5 of Relution the system requirements for the operation of the software are adapted. Please check the system requirements of your...

  • 16 February 2021

Cross-platform device management

Android Enterprise With Relution, not only Apple devices but also Android devices can be managed in a manufacturer-independent and comfortable way. The Android Enterprise Enrollment offers new possibilities for the...

  • 10 February 2021

Update Android 10+ on Samsung devices

Currently, there is a known problem that can lead to an enterprise wipe (reset) on Samsung devices in the course of the OS update. The reason for this is that...