Android 11 with Relution & Samsung

Relution and Android 11

The Android operating system once again receives a large number of valuable enhancements in the current version 11. In addition, Android 11 has been optimized especially in terms of remote device management and improved data protection compliance. The innovations are listed in detail under the following link: Android 11

The compatibility of Relution with the Android 11 operating system is ensured with version 4.77 and the Android MDM Agent in version 3.96. All previously supported MDM functions can thus be guaranteed.

In combination, Relution provides extensive settings described in the insight Android Enterprise Fully Managed & Workprofile. Android Enterprise is continually being enhanced and optimized, with increasing standardization enabling the use of different device manufacturers. The unified process ensures that all configurations work regardless of device manufacturer.

Relution follows this strategy and will continuously expand the range of functions for Android Enterprise. When introducing Relution for managing Android devices, the Android Enterprise functionality should therefore always be used, if technically possible. Overall, it is also recommended to migrate already managed devices to Android Enterprise, if the classic management (Android Legacy) is still used.

Known limitations in the classic administration already arose before Android 11. Subsequent functions are no longer supported and are no longer available with an Android Legacy enrollment (device administrator):

  • No password policy possible (since Android 10)
  • No password reset possible (since Android 7)

Samsung and Android 11

The compatibility of Samsung devices is as follows:

Android Enterprise

Android Classic (Legacy)

  • Samsung devices with Android 11 can no longer be enrolled via KME with device administrator. In general, we recommend in coordination with Samsung to no longer use this form of enrollment.
  • Samsung devices with Android 11 can be enrolled manually with device administrator without KME. This requires the Relution Client for Android from version 3.96, which includes an optimization for this enrollment type. In general, this form of enrollment is also no longer recommended.

Note: Changes made to Samsung Legacy KME Enrollment with device administrator on 2/19/2021.