So far, the camera function has been made available in the existing Relution Client app for iOS. From now on, the function is integrated in the stand-alone Relution Files app.

Why you should use the Relution camera?

The use of tablets in work and school contexts generates sensitive data that must be stored securely to comply with data protection regulations. With the current Relution Client app for iOS, it is possible to provide local network drives (SMB and WebDAV) on iOS devices via Relution Files

The built-in Relution Camera feature in the Relution Client app for iOS lets you create photos and videos without having to use a separate camera app. The photos and videos can be saved directly to the configured file shares without being automatically available in the photo app on the device.

What are the benefits of the Relution camera?

The Relution camera can be used to prevent recorded content from being viewed by other users in the photo app on the device. This is especially useful in a multi-user scenario using Relution Shared Device Mode

In addition to files, photos and videos are also easily stored in a central location, which are only intended for the respective user:in and can be accessed. With a large number of recordings, the storage capacity of the device can also be relieved.

In the classroom, this can prevent unlawfully created photos and videos from remaining on the device and being viewed and distributed by other students.

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