Store photos and videos centrally

The use of tablets in a work and school context generates sensitive data that must be stored securely to comply with data protection regulations. Relution offers the possibility to provide configured file shares (SMB and WebDAV) on iOS devices. For more information, see Relution Files.

The Relution Camera for iOS allows you to take photos and videos directly from the Relution app by using the camera function of the device without using a separate camera app:

The advantage is that photos and videos can be saved directly in configured file shares without being automatically stored in the photo app on the device:

Especially in Shared Device Mode (1:n), users can avoid that recorded content can be viewed by other users in the photo app. In addition to files, photos and videos can be simply stored in a central location, which are only intended for the respective user and can be accessed. This also reduces the storage capacity of the device when a large number of photos are taken.

For school lessons, this prevents illegally created photos and videos to remain on the device and be viewed and distributed by other students.

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