What is the Relution app family?

Relution is successively renewing its existing apps. The previously combined functions of the Relution Client for iOS and Android will in future be outsourced to independent apps based on Flutter technology. Relution is thus following the latest technological standards. The same code basis of the apps enables a cross-platform offer on a functional level.

What new apps will be released with the first generation of the Relution app family?

In the first step, the functions of the Relution Client for iOS will be outsourced to subsequent standalone apps. In preparation for future rollouts for the macOS, Android and Windows platforms, the design of the apps has already been adapted accordingly.

The migration for Relution Clients already in use will be carried out with release 5.11. Existing Relution Clients for iOS will be replaced by the new apps. When preparing for the migration with 5.11, please note the mandatory measures for the move to the respective new apps (see below).

Relution Agent for iOS

The Relution Agent monitors the compliance status of the device, makes apps available through the Relution App Store and supports multi-user mode for devices.

The Relution Agent is part of the Relution platform and can only be used with the Relution server and appropriate credentials.

Relution Teacher for iOS

Relution Teacher helps teachers deliver chaos-free lessons. Pedagogically useful apps and web links are automatically available and delivered to student devices via lesson profiles.

Relution Teacher is part of the Relution platform and can only be used with the Relution server, a Relution education license and appropriate access data.

Relution Files for iOS

With Relution Files, local file shares (SMB, WebDAV) can be integrated for accessing documents and content. Data and work results can be stored securely on a central server. Photos and videos can be stored directly locally via Relution Camera

Relution Files is part of the Relution platform and is ideally used in conjunction with the Relution Server.

What is mandatory to consider when introducing the new apps?

With Relution server version 5.11, all new clients will automatically receive the new apps for iOS and Android. The old Relution Client will continue to be available and will not be automatically removed from existing devices.

Important note:

For existing customers who are using the old Relution Client for iOS with Relution 5.11, the following preparatory measures are mandatory for the migration:

  • Obtain VPP licenses of the apps whose functionalities are in use.
  • Inform the end users that after the rollout three new apps will be used for correspondingly used functionalities

The following things should be noted for the respective apps:

Relution Agent for iOS

For the migration, the checkbox “Use old Relution Client” must be deactivated in the Relution settings under “Organisation” -> “Relution Client Apps” -> “iOS Client” with Relution Server Version 5.11.

This will automatically install the new Relution Agent on enrolled devices the next time they log in to the Relution server.

Relution Teacher for iOS

In order to use Relution Teacher on teacher devices, all applied iOS policies for teachers must add the new app as a required app in the App complince configuration.

Relution Files for iOS

Once a Relution file shares iOS configuration is set up, the Relution Files app is automatically installed on all devices to which the policy is applied.

When the new Relution Files app is initially opened on the device, all managed file shares that have been centrally pre-configured via a policy are automatically applied and no manual setup is required in the app.

File shares that were manually configured in the app in the old Relution Client for iOS must also be manually transferred to the new Relution Files app.

What are the individual features of the new Relution apps for iOS?

The new apps include the following functionalities:

Relution Agent for iOS

  • Display the compliance status of the device
  • Display device information in Relution
  • Display available apps from the Relution App Store
  • Adding apps to the home screen
  • Make app requests for needed apps
  • Relution shared device functionality with Relution login screen
  • Display messages on the device via the MDM system
  • Enable push notifications
  • Enable FaceID/TouchID for device login
  • Enable Single Sign On

Relution Teacher for iOS

  • Create public and private lesson profiles to prepare lessons 
  • Adding and managing educational apps from the Relution App Store 
  • Adding and managing relevant system apps 
  • Providing and managing web links for accessing required websites 
  • Restricting system features for student devices 
  • Using predefined classes with assigned students from Relution 
  • Removal of absent students from class 
  • Displaying problems on student devices 
  • Displaying school timetable from Relution 
  • Manual adjustment of lesson duration 
  • Execution of teaching mode and examination mode 
  • Automatic application of the selected teaching profile to student devices of the class

For more information on benefits and application, see insight Relution Teacher

Relution Files for iOS

  • Manually mount WebDAV and SMB shares in the Relution Files app for secure file storage on local servers
  • Central configuration of WebDAV and SMB shares via Relution Server
  • Integration of connected file shares into the standard Files app
  • Deposit of single sign on credentials also for multiple file shares
  • Camera function without automatic use of the photo library and storage of photos and videos on local servers

For more information on benefits and usage, see the insight Relution Files and Relution Camera

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