Can student tablets be controlled via teacher MacBooks in class?

No problem with Relution. Besides iPhones and iPads, macOS devices can also be managed and configured. In addition, macOS apps can be distributed to the devices via the Volume Purchase Program (VPP).

In educational institutions and schools, macOS devices are increasingly being used and teachers are increasingly equipped with MacBooks to prepare and conduct school lessons. A key advantage is that students can control tablets by teachers via the Apple Classroom App on the MacBook. In addition, MacBook can be used as a caching server to maintain school apps and minimize download times for student tablets in the classroom.

How to add macOS devices to the Mobile Device Management of Relution?

The enrollment can be done either manually or, in the case of DEP devices, via the automatic enrollment process:
Insight Relution macos vpp 1

Register and manage macOS device

How to distribute apps on macOS devices in Relution?

App licenses for macOS can be centrally procured and distributed via a linked Apple School Manager Account and the Volume Purchase Program (VPP):
Insight Relution macos vpp 2

Obtain and assign App licenses in Apple School Manager

Insight Relution macos vpp 3

Synchronization of App licenses in Relution

Using policies, macOS apps can be distributed to teacher devices via the "App Conformance" configuration:
Insight Relution macos vpp 4

macOS Policy with App Conformance "Required Apps"

Insight Relution macos vpp 5

Applied macOS policy on the device

How can student tablets be controlled by enrolled teachers MacBooks?

After applying the policy to a macOS device, the Apple Classroom App is available to the teacher:
Insight Relution macos vpp 6

MacBook mit verwalteter Apple Classroom App

In order to view student tablets via the Apple Classroom App, classes must first be created in Relution:
Insight Relution macos vpp 7

Create classes in Relution

Insight Relution macos vpp 8

Definition of the individual classes

This information is then available to the teacher in the Apple Classroom App and the assigned student tablets can be controlled in class:
Insight Relution macos vpp 9

Defined classes from Relution in the Apple Classroom App

Insight Relution macos vpp 10

Conduct lessons for defined classes and control student equipment

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