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Relution is a vendor for integrated Enterprise Mobility Management software. Our main objective is to mobilize and enable enterprise IT, business units and app developers to easily deal with major tasks around App Lifecycle Management, Mobile Device Management, App Development Orchestration and Mobile Security.


In over ten years in the business and with hundreds of deployments we focused on three major success factors for our clients:


Customer Needs


Continuous Innovation


Product Excellence

Today’s Rapid Digitalization Requires an Integrated Solution

Relution integrates all aspects of mobile app management within one platform. This includes an enterprise app store, a complete app lifecycle management solution as well as app signing and app testing. But Enterprise Mobility is not a one stop shop, so we integrate with all relevant tools like Continuous Integration, GIT or app testing tools.

Relution devices

App Lifecycle Management

Organizations with a large number of native apps need quick and standardized process to manage these apps.
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Accelerate app development

Standardization of the app development process and a fast app-to-user strategy.
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Mobile Device Management

Mobile Device Management in companies: Manage your mobile devices - easily, quickly and reliably. Relution supports all leading platforms - Apple iOS, Android, Samsung Knox, Apple macOS and Apple tvOS.
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Our Leaders

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